Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hey guyz wanna use your pc/laptop as a security device with the help of your own Android phone, Here we have a trick :::-

                                           1.  NET FRAMEWORK
                                                      2.  M-Hotspot
                                                      3.  IP Webcam ( Android application )

NOTE :- 

1. You need to connect your pc with the android device, this make a local area network connection wireless.

2. You can download M-Hotspot software for your pc/laptop ( visit my previous blog for using M-Hotspot). It helps to connect your Laptop with your android mobile phone. (.Net Framework required for installing M-Hotspot).

3. You have to download IP Webcam software available in Android market or Google Play into your mobile phone.

After Installing all above software's , connect your laptop with your mobile over wifi connection.
Now open the Ip webcam in your Android phone, here you found some settings, manage it and go to start server. After that you will get two menu's first one is "How do i connect?" and the other one is "Action"  menu, then click on " I'm using wifi router", you will get an IP address as like 192.168.***.***. 

Now go to your pc browser ( IE, Firefox or Chrome ) , open that http link on browser here you will get Android Webcam Server, there have many options now you have to select anyone of them  you can start webcam on your browser or you can play it through media players as like VLC etc.  

** FINISH **

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